International Travel Policies and Expenses


University travelers should review the following university policies prior to international travel:

Travel - Foreign - Addresses reimbursement of university travel-related expenses incurred while outside the US
Export Controls - Federal law prohibits the export of specified technology and related technical information to foreign nations
International Travel Registration - Defines ISU-Sponsored travel and registration requirements for travel

Discrimination & Harassment

Cultural differences and a lack of institutional control over external organizations abroad may expose travelers to discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct while traveling internationally. Contact the Office of Equal Opportunity to discuss related concerns.


Pre-Expense Authorization

Many departments require employees traveling internationally to complete a spend authorization in Workday prior to incurring travel-related expenses. Consult your procurement & expense specialist or the Create Spend Authorization or Cash Advance for Departments job aid.

Restrictions & Allowable Expenses

Visit the Controller's department Travel Information page for guidance on restrictions and allowable expenses for foreign travel.

Topics include:

  • Incurring expenses in foreign currency with a fluctuating exchange rate
  • Airline restrictions when using federal funds
  • Guidelines for per diem reimbursement (department policies may vary)

Travel & Hospitality Cards

Travel & Hospitality (T&H) credit cards are available through the Procurement Services department. T&H cards allows university employees to charge travel expenses directly, rather than request reimbursement after travel. The cards work internationally wherever Visa cards are accepted. Because some destinations may have limited ability to accept credit card payments, plan to use cash as well.


Shaun Jamieson
International Risk Manager
(515) 294-6916