About Risk Management

Susie Johnson

Senior manager risk

Kurt Beyer

Senior risk and systems analyst

Brandy Cunningham

Youth and volunteer programs manager

Stacy Ewing

Communications manager

Shaun M. Jamieson

International risk manager

Cally Jennett

Insurance and claims manager

Brooke Lents

Student organization safety coordinator

Heather Robinson

Youth and volunteer programs coordinator

Kellie Smith

Insurance and risk analyst

Student office assistant

Sofia Pepping
(515) 294-7711

International risk student program assistant

Michael Craighton


To provide expertise, resources, and solutions to positively impact the university's financial, physical, and reputational well- being.

Values (how we do what we do)

Excellent service

  • Provide resources and expertise
  • Solution -focused
  • Help navigate policies and procedures
  • Supportive

Effective communication

  • Use appropriate channels of distribution
  • Clear, direct, timely
  • Inform/educate those we serve
  • Outreach

Positive impact for the university

  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Big picture/systems thinking
  • Effective  partnerships

Culture (who we are)

  • Inclusive

We embody the Principles of Community, make sure we have the right people around the table, and welcome and encourage feedback from all team members.

  • Continuous learners

We actively pursue formal professional development and continuing education, as well as informal opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Collaborative

We cooperatively work together and with others to achieve project and institutional goals. We avoid working in silos and actively seek input from others.

  • Flexible/adaptive

We are open to new ways of bing and doing, changing direction if needed

  • High performers

We produce high-quality work, demonstrate competence, and commit to professional excellence.