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Employee international travel resumes under normal procedures

July 7, 2021

Effective immediately, ISU-sponsored employee international travel no longer will be subject to special pandemic travel requirements. According to Shaun Jamieson, international risk manager, "As more travelers become vaccinated against COVID-19 and global case counts continue to decline, travel risk associated with the pandemic will also decline. Travel restrictions are also being eased globally, particularly in Europe, where vaccinated travelers will soon be able to travel freely.” Student-related travel and study abroad programming will continue to operate under the interim international travel guidance effective March 18, 2021.

What does this mean for employee travelers?

Under previous interim guidance, all international travel was considered high-risk; due to the pandemic, many destinations continue to be high-risk. A destination is considered high-risk (and subject to required itinerary review) when rated a 4 or 5 by ISU’s international insurance provider, or is a destination that the Office of Risk Management has designated as such based on global conditions. View current risk levels by country (ISU NetID required)

Changes to travel agreement

The special employee international travel agreement and informed consent agreement no longer are required. Expectations and assumption of risk language have been incorporated into the standard international travel agreement travelers sign as part of the required registration process.

How ORM can help

High risk travel requires a travel itinerary review by the international risk manager, in accordance with the international travel registration policy. Travel during the pandemic continues to be extraordinarily complicated, and travelers are encouraged to take advantage of itinerary reviews and other resources for all destinations. ORM international travel resources and services include:

  • Personalized itinerary reviews (all risk ratings) and risk assessments.
  • Destination-specific recommendations regarding sensitive/political content on your devices and social media.
  • Advice if circumstances have changed or if you have questions about whether you should cancel or reschedule a trip.
  • Access to online tools to research conditions in your destination.

Contact Shaun Jamieson if you have questions or to schedule a consultation.



Iowa State is engaged in a variety of global initiatives and activities, including research, service, outreach, recruitment, and study abroad. ORM provides resources to educate and prepare university employees and students to safely travel.

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