Youth Program Registration

New Youth Activity, Pre-Collegiate Program or Camp

All youth activities, pre-collegiate programs and camps must be authorized and approved by the appropriate department chair/unit director and dean or vice president before program activities can occur, as required by the Youth Activities, Pre-Collegiate Programs and Camps policy.

All youth program registrations should be submitted through Cy Check and University Event Authorization at least four weeks prior to the start date of the program.  The Office of Risk Management (ORM) retains the permanent copy of youth program registrations sponsored by the university or operated on ISU property.

Renewal of a Previously Offered Youth Activity, Pre-Collegiate Program or Camp

All youth program registrations must be submitted through Cy Check annually and reviewed by ORM to identify changes in staffing, activities, and other program details. 

Program Types

Sponsored Program
A youth program offered by an Iowa State University department/unit as a means of recruitment, outreach or education specific to department/unit mission or operations. The university is the sole or primary sponsor with ultimate responsibility for operation; participant supervision; and control of the camp, program or activity.

Third Party Program
A youth program operated by an individual, organization or entity that is external to Iowa State University. The university leases facilities/premises to the third party and may offer other services for payment, but is not involved in program operations, participant supervision, or management unless contractually obligated.

Endorsed Program (Athletic Program/Camp)
A youth program actively supported or promoted by an Iowa State University department/unit and sponsored or co-sponsored by another entity that provides the primary operational control, participant supervision, and management for the program. These programs have ties to the university’s mission and affiliation with an ISU department or unit, but the university is not the primary sponsor. University facility use and services are permitted by contract.


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Brandy Cunningham
Youth and Volunteer Programs Manager