Youth Internships and Job Shadows

Youth Internships

An internship is a temporary, hands-on learning opportunity that provides meaningful, career-related experience extending a student's education beyond the classroom. Internships may be paid or unpaid, for credit or not for credit, and for career-related experience at ISU or at an external (non-ISU) employer.

The department/unit offering the internship program is responsible for ensuring that the internship is meaningful and will serve to enhance the student's educational experience and career development.

Internships are not:

  • Jobs or volunteer work that provide little or no opportunity for students to learn about their career of interest
  • Jobs or volunteer work that are unrelated to the student's academic discipline
  • Jobs or volunteer work with little or no training, guidance, and supervision

Job Shadows

Job shadow experiences at ISU are most often requested by middle school and high school students to learn about an occupational area of interest. The experience may help students to make a connection between their classroom learning and application of those skills in the workplace. Job shadows are temporary (one day or less), unpaid visits during which a student observes and/or performs tasks in the work environment under supervision of faculty or P&S staff.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Youth job shadows and internships require on-site supervision by an ISU faculty or professional and scientific (P&S) staff member, and are subject to the Children in the Workplace policy if more than incidental or intermittent and not part of a registered youth activity, program or camp. Review the policy for activities covered by the policy and related requirements.



Youth Internship or Job Shadow Request (submit at least four weeks before start date)


If parent and/or guardian will provide transportation to and from ISU campus for this opportunity please list their names above.

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