Sponsored or Endorsed Youth Program Guidelines


All program staff, participants and visitors must comply with ISU policies and local, state and federal regulations. Program leaders/camp directors are responsible for oversight of program compliance. All program leaders/camp directors are encouraged to attend Youth Program Leader Training.

Review and become familiar with the following policies and procedures:

Youth Activities, Pre-Collegiate Programs and Camps (YAP) Policy
Youth Program Procedures (review additional policies found there)
Reporting Responsibility - Violations
Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment

Program Registration

Visit Youth Program Registration for more information about registering a youth program.

To register a youth program in Cy Check:

  1. Login with your ISU Net-ID and password
  2. Select "Youth Program Registration"
  3. Add or select your youth program with "Select/Add Youth Program"
  4. Select youth program type - Sponsored, Endorsed or 3rd Party
  5. Fill in program and authorization information

The registration will be routed for pre-approval by the Office of Risk Management (ORM), then to department chair/unit director and dean/vice president for approval. ORM will give final authorization after receiving department chair/unit director and dean/vice president approval.

Advertisement of youth programs is not permitted until registration has been authorized by ORM.

Background Checks

Program leaders are responsible for ensuring completion of background checks and for maintaining records for all personnel, including volunteers, prior to interacting with youth at an ISU youth program. At a minimum, this must include a check of the National Sex Offender Registry. An individual who has been convicted of an offense for which he/she must register with the Iowa or National Sex Offender Registry may not serve in any capacity for an ISU youth program or any youth program held on ISU property. 

Visit Background Checks - Youth Programs to learn more about background checks and how to request them.

Registration Materials

Develop your specific youth program participant enrollment and registration materials.  Describe the program and any inherent risks or requirements for participation. 

  • Request assistance from ORM to develop a participation/parental permission agreement, waivers of liability and appropriate emergency medical contact and medical permission forms. As needed, collect participant information regarding special medical considerations and ensure that restrictions are appropriately applied.  
  • Arrange for appropriate security and access for participants’ medical information.  
  • Establish protocols related to securing, dispensing, refrigerating, storing and returning participants’ medication at the end of the program.
  • Enrollment cannot exclude individuals based upon status protected by university policy or local, state, or federal law.  Registration should include a special accommodation request.

Participant Information

Participant orientation - inform participants about expectations for conduct and safety, including but not limited to:

  • Participant conduct and possible sanctions for misconduct (i.e., discrimination, harassment, bullying, hazing, horseplay, pranks, etc.)
  • Overview of applicable university policies
  • Inclement weather conditions and safe evacuation protocols
  • Who to contact if they have an emergency (i.e., injury, accident, loss of property, policy issues, etc.)

Post-Program Information

Log in to Cy Check to complete post-program information forms.

Document retention: Retain youth program documents until all youth participants have reached 21 years of age.

Register a Program

Background Checks


Brandy Cunningham
Youth and Volunteer Programs Manager