Report child abuse, other crimes, safety violations

Child abuse or other crime

Child safety is of paramount importance in conducting youth programs. All program leaders, employees and volunteers are required to report suspected physical and sexual child abuse to ISU Police, in accordance with the university’s Reporting Responsibility Policy, even if the abuse may not have occurred on campus. For off campus university programs, report to local law enforcement. The procedures and requirements for reporting also apply to online or virtual youth programs.

All program leaders, employees and volunteers are also strongly encouraged to report suspected abuse to the Department of Human Services (DHS). Employees identified as statutory mandatory reporters of child abuse under Iowa Code Chapter 232 are required to report all forms of child abuse to DHS.


See Guidance on Child Abuse Reporting for important information and additional instructions.

Safety violations

Anyone aware of safety violations that may endanger children should report to:

ISU Police

Office of Risk Management

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)



Report child abuse or other crime

ISU Police
Emergencies: Dial 911
Non-emergencies: 515-294-4428

Iowa Dept. of Human Services