FAQ - International Travel Registration

Where can I find the International Travel Registration policy?

In the Iowa State Policy Library: International Travel Registration

The policy outlines the different categories of ISU-sponsored travel, identifies traveler responsibilities, and provides links to a wealth of international travel-related resources.

Why is international travel registration required?

The policy was developed in response to a recommendation by the Office of Internal Audit. Registration enables the university to support traveler safety and manage travel risks through a variety of resources, including an international health and emergency insurance policy that also provides security evacuation services, emergency travel assistance, and destination-specific safety and security information. In addition, registering international travel enables the university to advise the traveler on important export control compliance issues.

How do I register my international travel?

Registration is easy. Log in to the International Travel Registration portal with your ISU Net-ID and answer a few questions about your itinerary and travel purpose. The registration process takes less than five minutes. After you have registered your first trip, you can assign another user as a delegate to register trips on your behalf.

After I register my trip, what's next? Will it need to be approved?

Once you’ve submitted your registration, you will be automatically enrolled in international health and safety insurance. If you’ve registered for a higher-risk destination, someone may reach out to you with additional questions. For faculty and staff, no approval process is needed unless your department requires it. For graduate/professional students and volunteers, approval is required for higher risk destinations only. ORM’s goal is to provide education, insurance and resources to support international travelers and enhance their safety and security while traveling abroad.

I’ve already been registering my trips – what's changed?

The majority of ISU travelers were registering their international travel before the new policy took effect on January 1, 2020. For ISU-sponsored travel, nothing has changed – continue to register your travel as you have previously. If you are unsure if your trip requires registration, review the policy or contact us.

I am planning a trip; how do I know if it is a high-risk or severe-risk destination?

ISU contracts with a global risk management vendor to provide travelers a portal to research destinations and find risk ratings. ISU recognizes these risk ratings when determining which destinations are considered higher risk.





Shaun Jamieson
International Risk Manager
(515) 294-6916