Field Trips and Optional Student Travel

The university supports student learning and enrichment activities outside the classroom, including field trips and other university-coordinated travel. The information and resources on this page are provided to assist faculty or staff trip coordinators in planning. Please review and contact us if you have questions or need additional guidance.


Trip coordinator - an employee acting within the scope of their employment who coordinates, makes arrangements for, and attends a field trip or optional university-sponsored student travel.

Required field trip - group travel sponsored by an academic unit. The trip is part of a course curriculum and is an official component of a student's grade.

Optional university-sponsored student travel - this may include:

  • travel for a course not required for credit and for which a student can elect whether or not to participate. A student's grade cannot be negatively impacted if they choose not to participate
  • travel for professional conferences or association meetings
  • learning community activities organized by faculty or staff
  • professional site visits
  • service projects

Optional university-sponsored student travel does not include travel associated with a recognized student organization.


Participation Agreement

Trip coordinators should complete the appropriate participation agreement and provide to students to read and sign prior to departure. Language in the form templates should NOT be edited except for the highlighted fields. Be sure to include a detailed description of the trip and the associated risks. Departments/units should retain all signed participation agreements for three years from the date of travel.


Trip coordinators must arrange transportation and attend the trip. Trip coordinators should not transport students in their personal vehicles or coordinate travel in other personal vehicles. For information about renting university vehicles, visit the Transportation Services website. For information about contracting with a charter bus company, go to the Procurement Services contract page.