Event Authorization

Planning an Event

The first step toward holding a student/campus organization event is to complete an Event Authorization application.

Event Authorization exists to promote compliance with policies and procedures and to assist organizations with best practices in event planning and preparation. 

Events that are open to the public (i.e. includes participants or guests from outside of your organization's roster of members) or incorporate any of the following elements, need to be authorized through Event Authorization:

  • Animals

  • Fireworks

  • Food giveaways, sales, or service

  • Non-university vendors

  • Raffles or gambling

  • Youth (participants/guests under the age of 18 who are not ISU students)

  • Alcohol service, sampling, or sales

Based on the type of event you are holding, you may be scheduled to meet with the full Event Authorization Committee (EAC). Members of the committee represent Department of Public Safety (DPS), Department of Residence, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Planning and Management, ISU Dining, Memorial Union, Recreation Services, Risk Management, and Student Activities Center.  

Events that are not open to the public (i.e. weekly organization meeting, practices, organization sponsored trip) do not have to be authorized.

If you need assistance with the online Event Authorization process or have questions about planning a student/campus organization event, please contact:

Student Activities Center
1560 Memorial Union