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August 2022

Earlier this year, we asked for your help to rename the Youth Programs and Volunteer Registration System (YPVRS). We received many creative suggestions, and we're pleased to announce the new name: Cy Check! We're excited to have a name that iseasier to pronounce and remember and reflects the system's role in helping departments and thousands of individual campus users check that they comply with important university policies and procedures. While the name has changed, the system URL and functionality remain the same.

June 2022

Staff departures

February 2022

Travel alert - Russian military action in Ukraine

September 2021

Brooke Lents and Beeta Siwik join ORM staff

January 2021

Iowa State Responds - 'It had to be done': Devotion fueled effective contact tracing
ORM receives COVID-19 Exceptional Effort Award

September 2020

Danielle Koester joins ORM staff

July 2020

Deb Cramer retires from ORM

June 2020

New online system simplifies youth program registration

May 2020

Pierce Zanders joins ORM staff

March 2020

Regents suspend university-sponsored international travel