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New name for YPVRS - Cy Check!


Earlier this year, we asked for your help to rename the Youth Programs and Volunteer Registration System (YPVRS). We received many creative suggestions, and we're pleased to announce the new name: Cy Check! We're excited to have a name that is easier to pronounce and remember and reflects the system's role in helping departments and thousands of individual campus users check that they comply with important university policies and procedures. While the name has changed, the system URL and functionality remain the same.


WHO declares monkeypox global emergency

Monkeypox has historically been carried by humans and is endemic in parts of central/western Africa. However, the number of cases reported since early May and the spread to countries with little to no previous exposure to the virus has no historic precedent. On July 23, the WHO announced the current monkeypox outbreak as a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern,” its highest label for such outbreaks. The COVID-19 pandemic is also labeled as such, though the WHO has emphasized that it does not predict similarly severe disruptions as a result of the current monkeypox outbreak."

At this time, no countries have implemented travel restrictions or bans related to monkeypox, though some countries have instituted either isolation requirements or recommendations for those who test positive or have been a known contact of a positive patient. This list includes Belgium, UK, Netherlands, UAE, Canada, and St. Lucia.

The university and our global security partners continue to monitor the situation. There are no monkeypox-related travel requirements or restrictions at this time. If you plan to travel internationally and have questions, consult the ISU international risk manager or your study abroad advisor.

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