International Health Insurance and Emergency Service

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)

Iowa State University has an agreement with CISI to provide basic and emergency medical insurance and security evacuation services.

This plan is for authorized university business only and is not appropriate for personal international travel. Premiums for CISI coverage are centrally funded (for faculty, staff, grad students, postdocs, etc.) for ISU international business travel; enrollment is strongly encouraged. Enrollment for non-business purposes is managed by the Study Abroad Center.

CISI provides coverage worldwide except for the 50 United States and the traveler's home country. It is not intended for use in the United States or to replace current U.S. coverage. CISI coverage does not include trip cancellation, trip interruption, or delayed baggage insurance.


How you enroll is based on what type of travel:

University Business Travel

(see below)

Student Travel

(contact Study Abroad Center)

Not for academic credit


Is funded in whole or in part from ISU-administered funds.

For academic credit


Self-funded as part of your academic program of study
(research, internship, service, etc.)

For circumstances not covered by the above table, please contact us.

To obtain CISI coverage for international travel (other than a study abroad program*):

  1. The traveler may register themself or be registered by their department through the ISU International Travel portal.
  2. Following registration for enrollment, the request will be processed by the Office of Risk Management.
  3. After being processed, the traveler will receive an email directly from CISI with the following:
    • An insurance card
    • The CISI brochure with claim form
    • A consulate letter verifying insurance coverage (if needed for visa purposes)
    • Access to the CISI web portal

*Faculty, staff and students on official study abroad programs will be enrolled in CISI by the Study Abroad Center and do not need to enroll through the ISU Travel portal.


myCISI Mobile App for participants 

Instantly access your travel insurance documents, view country-specific travel alerts and personal security assistance information, search medical providers worldwide and much more!

CISI program information


Enrollment of ISU Faculty or Staff Dependents

After an ISU faculty/staff person has been enrolled in CISI, she/he can also enroll eligible dependents (spouse/partner/child). 
Costs for spouse, child, or significant other can be paid with a personal credit card. 
To enroll, e-mail a PDF version of the ENROLLMENT FORM to or call CISI at the number on your Participant ID Card.  
Please note that dependent travel dates cannot exceed the ISU faculty/staff member's coverage dates.  

If you have questions that are not covered in the FAQs above OR if you have trouble enrolling, please contact  


Study Abroad / Student Enrollments
(including study abroad program leaders)
Faculty/Staff/Graduate Enrollments
(not including study abroad program leaders)
Study Abroad Center
Attn: Danette Bontrager
6563 Memorial Union
Ames, IA 50011-1130

Office of Risk Management
2221 Wanda Daley Drive
1700 Administrative Service Building
Ames, IA 50011-3618