Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is a document issued by an insurance company to a third party to provide information about the insured, including the insurance policy coverages, effective dates and limits, and other contract provisions.

The Office of Risk Management (ORM) is available to provide assistance in determining when proof of insurance is required and to provide proof of insurance at the request of another agency or venue. All certificates of insurance should be routed through ORM to verify that all insurance requirements have been met.

Many university operations routinely request certificates of insurance. Below are some examples of circumstances when a certificate of insurance may be required or requested:

An outside organization requests to use University-owned space:

Non-university organizations using ISU facilities must complete a Facility/Premise Use Agreement and provide ISU with a certificate of insurance as required by the Use Agreement.

Departments arranging for use of ISU facilities on behalf of outside organizations should contact the Office of Risk Management to coordinate a Facility/Premise Use Agreement and review of insurance documentation.

You've been asked to provide proof of liability insurance for use of a non-university facility:

Iowa State University is an agency of the State of Iowa and is self-insured for liability. In general, ISU does not purchase commercial liability insurance since certain statutory protections are provided under Chapter 669 of the Code of Iowa. Because ISU is self-insured, we cannot issue a standard certificate of insurance. ORM can, however, provide a letter of self-insurance for activities or events sponsored by the University and under the direction and supervision of an ISU employee acting within his/her scope of employment for ISU.

If you have a contract or rental agreement that requests proof of insurance, contact ORM to determine if self-insurance is adequate or if commercial insurance needs to be procured.