General Incidents

If you wish to notify Iowa State University of your injury or loss:

  • Claims involving bodily injury or damage to personal property are processed as tort claims against the State of Iowa under the Iowa Tort Claims Act, Iowa Code § 669.
  • Contact the Office of Risk Management for additional information and to request a copy of the State Appeal Board Claim Form and Affidavit.

If you are an ISU department/unit reporting an incident:

  • Complete the online ISU Incident Form
    • An ISU Net-Id is required to use the online ISU Incident Form. If you do not have an ISU Net-ID please contact us, at 515-294-7711 or
  • Direct any inquires to the Office of Risk Management at 515-294-7711.

Questions about Fault or Liability:
Questions regarding liability should be directed to the Office of Risk Management. If appropriate, any reimbursements by the University will be coordinated through the Office of Risk Management.