General Incidents

If you wish to notify Iowa State University of your injury or loss:

  • Claims involving bodily injury or damage to personal property are processed as tort claims against the State of Iowa under the Iowa Tort Claims Act, Iowa Code § 669.
  • Contact the Office of Risk Management for additional information and to request a copy of the State Appeal Board Claim Form and Affidavit.

If you are an ISU department/unit reporting an incident:

  • Complete the online ISU Incident Form
    • An ISU Net-Id is required to use the online ISU Incident Form. If you do not have an ISU Net-ID please contact us, at 515-294-7711 or
  • Direct any inquires to the Office of Risk Management at 515-294-7711.

Questions about Fault or Liability:
Questions regarding liability should be directed to the Office of Risk Management. If appropriate, any reimbursements by the University will be coordinated through the Office of Risk Management.  

Need Additional Assistance:
If you have questions, please contact the Office of Risk Management, at 515-294-7711or