Student Organization Travel Authorization

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NEW Student Organization Driver Training for 2017-2018

All student organization members who wish to drive for their student organization travel must take the NEW Student Organization Driver Training before they travel.

*Note: if you have already taken the previous 15-passenger van training, you are exempt from the new driver training. Moving forward driver training and 15-passenger van training will be separate, and anyone needing to take 15-passenger van training who had not previously will also need to take this new driver training.

How to sign up for Student Organization Driver Training
1) Go to, click "Login" at the top and sign in with your ISU netID and password
2) Click on "Course Catalog" at the top of the page and scroll down to the "Office of Risk Management" folder
3) To the right of "Student Organization Driver Training" click "List Events"
4) Choose one of the seven sessions available and click "Enroll" next to the date and time you wish to take the training
5) A popup window will then display, and you can click the "Register" button
6) You can manage your course enrollments from the Learn@ISU Home page. Edits can be made to which session you are attending until 24 hours before the session begins

Travel Policy and Procedures for Student Organizations

The Student Organization Travel Policy and Procedures for Student Organization Use of University Vehicles govern travel for activities or events that are sponsored by a recognized student organization and authorized by Iowa State University. Travel authorization requests must be submitted and approved prior to travel so the university can properly manage liability issues for student organization travel.

Checklist for completing your Student Organization Travel Authorization Request

  • Click "Add a New Trip" above
  • Search the name of your organization. Note: you must search for the name as it exactly appears in the Student Organization database
  • Click on your organzation's name
  • Complete the "General Information" as completely as possible. Click "Submit"
  • Now you are in to the application itself.  Complete all of the fields listed under "Item"
    • Add lodging (if applicable)
    • Add Itinerary information (be as specific as possible!)
    • Submit vehicle request (if applicable) Note: In order to use university vehicles, your organziation's travel must fit within one of the "Eligible Vehicle Use" criteria listed in the Student Organization Travel Procedures
    • Add Participants.  Only members of your organization that have been added to and also confirmed membership in your organization in the Student Organization database will be eligible to be added to the trip.  As you add participants, be sure to mark which are drivers.  Note: at this time members that are under 18 years of age or are not ISU students will need to be added as an "Exception," and receive participant agreement forms to complete via email
  • Upon completion of all "Items," click "Submit Application."

Please note:

  • Participants can be added and removed until the trip is approved by the Office of Risk Management or Recreation Services
  • If the itinerary or general information is changed, all participants and the adviser and treasurer will need to re-approve the trip

Why isn't my trip approved?
Did you submit the application?
Has your adviser and treasurer approved the trip?
Have your drivers completed their Motor Vehicle Request forms online, and have they been approved?
Have your drivers completed the 15-passenger van training (if necessary)?
Have all of your participants been added, and have they all completed their online participant waivers?

How do student organizations receive authorization to travel?

The student organization must designate a member of the travel party to serve as the Trip Coordinator. This person is responsible for submitting information through the Student Organization Travel Authorization (SOTA) system.

Student organization travel must relate to the purpose of the organization and comply with the policies of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, and Iowa State University. The purpose of student organization travel and transportation to and from the event will be reviewed and authorized by the group's advisor, group's treasurer and the Office of Risk Management or Recreation Services (Sport Clubs) prior to travel.

What if we want to take a university vehicle?

By connecting to the Student Organization Travel Authorization (SOTA) system, you will have the option to link to Vehicle Reservations at ISU Transportation Services. University vehicles are available for use by student organizations, but specific travel policies and procedures apply and must be acknowledged prior to their use.

What if we will be driving our own vehicles?

The same travel authorization process applies. By connecting to the Student Organization Travel Authorization (SOTA) system and completing the general travel information, you will receive an option to link to information regarding use of personally owned vehicles. This link will connect you to policy information and the waiver and release of liability forms. GSB funding allocations can not be used to cover the costs of non-university vehicles used for travel.

What is the timeline for submitting travel plans for authorization?

SEE Student Organization Travel Checklist/Timeline

Trip Coordinator Responsibilities

The student organization must designate a member of the travel party to serve as the Trip Coordinator. The Trip Coordinator is responsible for submitting travel authorization requests through the Student Organization Travel Authorization (SOTA) system for each trip. Trip Coordinators must travel with the organization and act as liaison for their student organization during the approval process and on the trip. The Trip Coordinator should confirm receipt of appropriate travel documents with the staff of either the Office of Risk Management or Recreation Services (Sport Clubs). When necessary, the Trip Coordinator may need to meet with staff to review and evaluate the completed Student Organization Travel Authorization information.

When using a 15-passenger van or a vehicle towing a trailer, the Trip Coordinator must ensure that drivers for the trip have completed Large Passenger Van training. Drivers who need to complete this training must contact Transportation Services and allow for enough time to register for and complete the next available class. These classes are available only through Transportation Services and are usually offered monthly.